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Silver Bead Cavity Insulation Donegal

Warmfill Silver cavity wall insulation, provide and installed by McGee Insulation, is a bonded bead system which utilises two basic components, a specially manufactured grade of closed cell polystyrene FRA thermal bead, which is coated with an air drying adhesive during the injection process. The special bonding agent allows the beads to flow freely until the cavity wall is completely filled. This ensures your wall fills up completely with high quality insulation beads.
The adhesive then sets, forming the insulating beads into a bonded homogenous heat saving mass which will not shrink, crack settle or be unduly affected by the removal of any of the outer brickwork or for alterations or window replacements.


Warmfill Silver cavity wall insulation rolex replica has an effective thermal conductivity of 0.033 Wm-1K-1 and will satisfy the new building regulations. i.e. 100mm cavity = .27u Value.


Warmfill Silver cavity wall insulation replica watches system is suitable for all non insulated cavity walls and is approved for all exposures in Ireland and the UK. Installed by our fully trained technicians in a matter of hours; most dwellings can be insulated in half a day.


Why Fill The Cavity?

The cavity wall was designed primarily to keep the elements out and keep the inner walls dry, but does not contribute to the thermal quality of the wall. By installing Warmfill rolex replica Silver in the cavity wall you greatly improve the thermal performance of the wall.


Why Use Silver Bead Insulation?

  1. The unique draining qualities of Warmfill Silver Bonded Bead allows the cavity to drain, breathe and remain dry.
  2. Warmfill Silver gives 15% - 20% better thermal insulation.
  3. It is easier to install than most other systems.

Why is Silver Bead Better?

EPS manufacturers have designed a new EPS low lambda product. Warmfill has used this new product in making Warmfill Silver, which has a greatly improved thermal performance – 0.033 Wm-1K-1 i.e. 100mm cavity = 0.27u Value. Warmfill Silver is approved by both the BBA and IAB and meets current regulations.


Will Silver Bead Better Help Reduce My Bills?

Yes. Warmfill Silver will give you a noticable fuel saving, goes on working for the life of the building and helps reduce global warming.


Technical Data

The 'u' value is the rate at which heat passes through a wall. The higher the u-value, the quicker the heat escapes through the wall. The figures below show some typical u-values for a standard cavity wall before and after the installation of Bonded Bead.

Existing Building
Type of Construction Before Insulation After Insulation
Brick/Cavity/Brick 1.68 W/m²/°C 0.39 W/m²/°C
Brick/Cavity/Concrete Block 1.55 W/m²/°C 0.37 W/m²/°C
Brick/Cavity/Clinker Block 1.40 W/m²/°C 0.35 W/m²/°C
Brick/Cavity/Insulation Block 1.05 W/m²/°C 0.32 W/m²/°C
Typical New Build
Warmfill Silver u Values change when used on various constructions with varying cavity widths
  Type of Construction Cavity Width Value W/m²k
New Build Brick/Medium
Block & Plaster
100 mm
110 mm
120 mm
New Build Brick/Light
Block & Dabs
100 mm
110 mm
120 mm



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